Evaluations of ICDP

2023: Study of ICDP impact in the care of older people

2022: Evaluation report in Somalia

2022: Assessment of ICDP in Zambia

2022: A review of ICDP research

2022: RCT study of the effectiveness of ICDP in Norway

2022: Reporting on child maltreatment by children and parents

2022: Evaluation of ICDP impact in the US

2022: Study in the Philippines of the impact of ICDP on children

2022: Study in Nepal of the impact of ICDP on children

2021: Study in Norway finds ICDP has positive impact

2020, Link to published research study of the Wawa Illari project in Peru: https://doi.org/10.3389/fpubh.2020.567900

2019, Peru project report

2019, Nepal parenting study report

2018, USA evaluation results

2018, ICDP in public health sector in Norway

2017, Norwegian study of ICDP with asylum seekers

2017, Mozambique study regarding malnourished children

2017, Lebanon study of ICDP in schools

2017, ICDP evaluation matrix

2017, ICDP and violence prevention in Choco, Colombia

2016, Study of ICDP in Colombia

2016, Russia study of ICDP with parents

2015, USA study – translated into Spanish

2015, USA study of beneficiary caregivers

2015, study of ICDP in South Africa

2015, master student study, Bangladesh

2015, Norwegian study of ICDP

2015, abstract of doctoral thesis on ICDP

2014-2015, USA study of ICDP

2014, study of ICDP in prisons

2014, Mozambique study of caregivers

2014, ICDP with mothers from minority ethnic groups

2014, ICDP with mothers and fathers in Norway

2014, ICDP with new immigrant population in Norway

2013, Save the Children study of ICDP in Pernambuco

2013, ICDP with fathers in Norway

2013, ICDP in context of sports in Norway (in Norwegian)

2013, ICDP in sports (English translation)

2013, ICDP as a community wide parenting programme

2011, Norwegian Ministry evaluation of ICDP

2010, UNICEF Colombia sponsored study

2010-2012, Case study of Colombian project

2007, Swedish univeristy evaluation

2007, Paraguay caregivers of institutionilized children

2007, ICDP with ex guerrilla fighters

2005, ICDP in 123 municipalities of Boyaca

2005, ICDP in 64 municipalities of Narino

2004, ICDP with displaced families in Antioquia

2004, Colombia, Narino study – English summary

2000, Macedonia evaluation report

2000, Angola study of ICDP with teachers

1996, ICDP study in poor community of Jamundi, Colombia

1992, Bergen research study


Guidelines for monitoring

Simple field guideline for ICDP facilitators

Facilitator and trainer monitoring tools

ICDP evaluation questionnaire, Skar, Sherr& Tetzchner, 2012

Skar, Sherr & Tetzchner, 2012, Cuestionario de evaluacion

Dual Likert Scale

Observing interaction

Coding of videos

Suggestions for evaluation

Methods in evaluating ICDP

How to evaluate ICDP