The Danish Centre for ICDP

The year 2022 was a busy and very fruitful year for the Danish Centre for ICDP, as their annual report demonstrates. – click here to read it.

From the report:

In the Danish Center for ICDP, we have developed a good new rhythm in the area of management. Anne Linder continues to keep her primary focus in the field of development and provides supervision and support to the 35 active trainees. Jens Linder has settled in well in his new job as manager and ensures the smooth running of the many day-to-day tasks at the Centre. In addition, he is the key person responsible for the development of two new digital platforms; one is designed for courses and the other one is for parents. The development of the digital platforms had taken up a lot of our resources throughout the year. We are proud to have presented our course platform Relatuz in an updated design. Both trainers and users say the platform is easy to access and supports video analysis and other teaching material. In 2022, we have trained 725 persons at ICDP level 1; 68 persons to ICDP level 2 and at level 3, we have 3 new trainers.

Plans for 2023
With the new capacity in the management of ICDP, we can now purposefully focus on new development projects. The goal of all projects is to spread and quality-assure the ICDP mindset. At the beginning of the year 2023 we will
continue to work with ICDP parents on the digital platform called, the Danish Center for Relations. On this platform, parents are offered knowledge about interaction – they are shown video sequences, animated films and receive guidance or teaching in groups. Furthermore, we are rounding off the work regarding the Certification of Institutions – where we also expect to provide a financial return to ICDP International. Among are new project developments planned for 2023, we are working on publishing a material case for teachers; the idea is that via ICDP, they can strengthen the community and well-being in the class. During spring 2023, we will be publishing a new book called ICDP and Leadership, as well as a new booklet ICDP and the Children’s Convention.