ICDP growth at Happy Start, Tashkent

Update from Uzbekistan, 1st of February 2023

During the last two months of 2022, a group of 6 parents received training in the ICDP programme and completed the course by the end of December.

In December 2022, the teachers in the two Happy Start preschools, in Tashkent, finished their ICDP caregiver courses. A group of 10 new teachers/caregivers were certified and in addition 3 caregivers attended the course a second time. One facilitator from previous training also completed her course as an ICDP facilitator.

In January 2023, Magdalena Brannstrom held a three-day workshop for new facilitatorrs. A group of 7 women who all work in the field of early childhood education embarked on their training to become facilitators. “It is a privilage to train such wonderful people who have big hearts for children and who care for children in their everyday life. These women will become great ICDP facilitators because of their ability to care and have empathy for others.” – says Magdalena, ICDP trainer.

Photo taken at facilitators’ training

Feedback from preschool staff:

After starting with the ICDP course I can see some changes in the children in my class. They try to regulate thier emotions, be patient and listen. And they share or express their feelig. It is now easier to get their attention.

After the course I am more aware of my feelings/emotion, thinking, attitude and behavior around children. I am more patient.

I see the efffect of the course on the children in my class: Children became more open and trusting through my new relationship building.

I see many changes within myself: It has become much easier to build relationships not only with children, but also with loved ones, relatives and friends.

I became more tolerant, began to change my attitude towards people around me.

I have less condemnation and irritation in me. I began to understand children more and ask more questions about their condition.

One discoverry that I made thanks to the ICDP programme is that a teacher should not only give knowledge, but help the child in the development of his or her personality. A teacher can become a very close friend to a child.

I have ceased to be afraid of the unpredictable behaviour of children, because now I have a tool, I know how to react, what needs to be applied so that there are no unpleasant consequences.

I have seen changes in myself – that I became calmer, softer, began to understand children more; I began to see, experience and feel their problems and concerns. I respond to their initiatives more. And also I have seen changes in my class: We began to understand each other; the children tell their secrets, there is a friendly atmosphere in the classroom. While there is no chaos, the children have become more obedient, they remember information better, they develop comprehensively.

I have seen changes in myself: I became interested in the desires of children. I learned how important it is to show your love, emotions and speak encouraging words. I stopped with excessive strictness. I learned that children are individuals and it really became easier to work.