Live webcasting in China

Jin Qin, the ICDP China leader, explains:

During 2022, our ICDP work in China has been quite challenging. Many planned workshops and trainings had to be postponed or even cancelled because of the Covid-19 restrictions.

To keep the work moving forward, ICDP China first livestreamed on its video account on August 8, 2022, and since then we livestreamed 17 times. The first live broadcast had 640 viewers, whereas the highest number of viewers was 1,296, and the lowest was 70.

As it can be seen from this, ICDP China is gradually increasing its promotion efforts through webcasting. The live webcast keeps the relaxing and natural style of ICDP training. Bullet screen comments are responded to in a timely manner during the live webcast, and there are frequent interactions with viewers.

Some people commented happily on the bullet screen:

The live webcast is so good,  you can watch the playback at home even if you can’t come in person.