International conference in Nepal

Report by Doji Pradhan, ICDP trainer, ICDP Nepal:

ECEC/ICDP Nepal organized a 3-day conference in Nepal, which took place in Kathmandu, from 9th to the 11th of November 2022. The theme for the conference was, “Reactivating human care and improving lives through ICDP” because this parenting programme has changed individuals, families, and communities through its powerful psycho–emotional tool.

The objective was to network, support each other and share experiences and learnings not just with participants from Nepal but also with neighbouring countries who are implementing this programme. Besides participants from Nepal, the conference was attended by representatives from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Norway and Thailand. The 3-day sessions covered a vast range of topics through special sessions, workshops, panel discussion and keynote speakers.

The first day of the conference was attended by ICDP Facilitators and trainers who came from many different parts of Nepal. The conference was at the same time an annual ICDP network meeting. It was also attended by guests from local areas, as well as from other countries.  In all, there were 237 participants. Local and international experts covered the following topics: ICDP in Mental Health; ICDP in Education; ICDP in special need; ICDP in Families.

The last two days were attended by delegates from different organizations in Nepal and by delegates from those regional countries who have been implementing ICDP.

The second day was attended by 79 participants and it started with a keynote speech by Sumnima Tuladhar, (ED from CWIN Nepal) on the 3 Ps of child rights set by the UN.  A workshop on ICDP implementation strategies was led by Heidi Steel, chair of ICDP Norway and its main focus was to help take ICDP forward in respective countries.

The keynote speaker on the third day was Ane-Marthe Solheim Skar, researcher and ICDP Foundation board member. She presented a review of the research findings related to ICDP. There were 61 participants on the third day.

The conference was closed with discussions and reflection on learnings from the 3 days. In the afternoon, guests from outside Nepal were given a brief city tour and the closing of the event included a special dinner.

Overall, the conference was successful to meet its objective and all the participants were enthusiastic to take ICDP forward in their respective area of work and countries.