ICDP activities in Ukraine

Fron the update by Sergey and Anna Krasin:

Since February 2022, ICDP facilitators’ activities in Ukraine have been different from those in peacetime.

In many cities, such as Kharkiv, Druzhkovka, Dnipo, among others, explosions are heard constantly, affecting the lives of adults and children and causing enormous stress. Adults and children react differently to acute stress. In face of this situaiton, Hanna Krasina, Marina Sklyar, Serhii Krasin, developed a strategy, a model called STEP, in the spring of 2022. STEP was developed specifically to assist parent groups in cities that are constantly under fire. The STEP model is implemented through the use of ICDP principles. STEP stands for:

S – self-help, support, psychological first aid

T – talking, clarification of the situation, facts, thoughts, emotions, experience, task

E – emotions, experience, analysis and study of emotions, the influence of personal factors

P – planning, productive, effective behaviour strategies, expansion of behavioural models, alternative attitudes.

This approach helps stabilize the psycho-emotional state of parents and contributes to the development of their resilience.

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