Enhancing facilitators’ skills, Ocotal workshop

A refresher workshop for ICDP Facilitators took place in Ocotal, Nicaragua. It was organized by the “Instituto De Promocion Humana” (INPRHU) and it was conducted by ICDP trainer, Monica Andersson, over a period of two days on 6th and 7th of November 2023. The workshop was attended by 17 participants, consisting of INPRHU staff, teachers, and community leaders from the neighbourhood.

“This was a workshop full of joy, with good participation from the facilitators. The whole group of new facilitators attended the workshop and received their diplomas, having done their practical tasks prior the workshop. They showed their videos, shared their experiences, enjoyed analysing interactions and learning from each other in a warm and fruitful atmosphere.” – Monica Andersson.

Read a short report. Here are some of the evaluative comments by facilitators, in answer to the question, “What do you take with you from this workshop?”:

  • I take with me the 3 dialogues of the ICDP programme, which served to encourage others to grow in their abilities. This is an important programme that can help to live life positively.
  • This is going to continue to help me help me to keep improving in my work and life.
  • ICDP’s applied methodology is the key for developing happy childhoods …and for adulthood.
  • The strategies, techniques, resources, 3 dialogues and 8 guidelines to deconstruct negative and build positive interactive relationships.
  • Great empathy and experience that I received, sound advice and good concepts to share in future.
  • I’ll take the positive atmosphere and behaviour we all shared and I take all the learning with me.
  • This was an opportunity to learn more about the ICDP programme. It will help me to work and share teaching with our families and groups that we work with.
  • New knowledge about the ICDP method. Deeper insight about ways of caring for and understanding children and more knowledge about neuroscience in child development. New strategies to put into practice.
  • More knowledge about how to apply ICDP in practice.
  • I take away the teamwork, the peaceful, and empathic way we all worked with each one.
  • I take with me new knowledge of the ICDDP programme. This will help me in my work with children, by implementing the 3 ICDP dialogues in the classroom and also with my family.
  • The knowledge of being able to interact more deeply by applying the ICDP processes. This will help me improve more personally and professionally. It will help me personally and  in relation to the people I interact with on a daily basis.
  • I have a good experience during this process. New things and good tools to work with. New aspects of interaction and knowledge that I shall use in my work with others.
  • A great experience in understanding and learning about the subject and I take away a nice memory of our facilitator Monica.
  • The methodology with new insights of the ICDP strategy. I liked the patience of the facilitator, the trust of the group. It will help me for my personal growth to implement it in my family and in my work – to be a better person.
  • I take with me new aspects of the ICDP methodology, with a lot of warmth we shared in interaction with participants. The joy of the facilitator and the love with which she works.
  • This is going to help me and help those I work with: mothers, fathers, children, adolescents, and young people. The opportunity to grow in love, to practice values, to live together in peace and harmony.

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