Update from Moldovan trainer

Silvia Breabin has been working with the ICDP programme at the Early Intervention Centre in Kishinev, Moldova.

ICDP has been operating at the Centre in Kishinev since 2013 and Silvia has been part of a team of ICDP trainers working with children and parents attending the centre. The Centre found the ICDP approach helpful in relation to families with children with special needs and they offered ICDP training to other early intervention teams.

Silvia has extensive experience in working as ICDP trainer. In addition to her activities in Kishinev, she was also part of the ICDP team involved in spreading the programme in Ukraine.  One of several groups of facilitators that Silvia trained in Ukraine, continued to keep in touch with her on regular basis – this group is based in Vynnitsa. Silvia informs ICDP that the Vynnitsa facilitators still use the ICDP programme in the after school day centre for children and that they participated in a TV show that discussed the ICDP programme. In addition, one facilitator trained a group of students at the Vynnitsa pedagogic university and she also used ICDP as the topic of her master degree study. Some of the facilitators in Vynnitsa are very motivated to attend further training in order to become ICDP trainers.

Silvia has recently moved from Moldova to Romania, and is now living in an area situated between Sibiu, Sighisoara and Targu Mures. “I would like to thank you for this great programme and hope to spread it to many more people in the future. I have already applied for my work permit and as soon as I receive it, my plan is to start training new groups in ICDP here in Romania.” – writes Silvia.