Tokyo workshop

Here are some impressions from an ICDP event in 2018.

ICDP trainer, Hitoshi Maeshima explains:

In October, we held a seminar on the ICDP programme. Unfortunately, a typhoon was approaching Japan just at that time, which meant that several people who had planned to attend were unable to come because of strong winds and intense rain. The attendees included seven women and one man; the age group ranged from 23 to 85 years old; there were caregivers of older people, children’s caregivers and a retired kindergarten director.

At the seminar we showed the Unicef promotional video from Colombia (which is on the ICDP webpage: ). We have translated the English subtitles that appear on that video and in addition most of the English narrations were also translated into Japanese. We felt that this video transmits in a very compact way all the important aspects and the essence of ICDP .

We are planning to have another meeting for facilitators in January. Here are some comments from the seminar:

I had attended ICDP before so this was not my first experience. However it was very refreshing for me and I received positive inner stimulation.
I felt this time more clearly how important our heart is, rather than our mind or brain, when we are dealing with human relationships.
I had a dilemma, as I felt that my behaviour did not reflect what I knew theoretically about building better human relations with children and others, and in that context ICDP felt like an opportunity to change and as a result I felt I had improved.

Until now, I have been trying to find the answer to child care outside myself, but on the ICDP day, I found that the answer might be inside myself – and this I noticed for the first time in my life.
Also, I had been feeling within myself an invisible obstruction preventing me to extend my thinking, but that day, while we were expressing and hearing each other’s experiences from early years to adult life, I noticed that this obstruction comes unconsciously from the frame of a habit of my heart and a particular way of my own thinking. In the workshop, I felt that I had been freed from the weir of my own thought, and to my surprise there were many unexpected observations and learnings, it was really wonderful time to me.
It was my first participation to ICDP meeting. The day was very significant to me. Thank you.