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Stories from Nepal

Bishwa Pun, coordinates ICDP at Save the Children Nepal and she is also an ICDP trainer – she shares the following news:

Parenting comes with its fair share of joys and challenges. Navigating parenting during COVID-19 has become even more challenging as parents and children spend an unprecedented amount of time together at home. Most of us have experienced this for ourselves.

Save the Children has been collaborating with Stories of Nepal in order to bring stories of the parents who have adopted gentler and affirmative parenting techniques inspired by the ICDP programme. These stories talk about parents taking care of children with love, providing enriching interactions, and establishing limits in a positive way, thus supporting children’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development. Our Child Sensitive Social Protection programme (CSSP) provides technical support to local governments to run parenting programmes for parents and caregivers of the Child Grant beneficiaries. The Child Grant is the government’s cash transfer programme aiming to reduce malnutrition of children aged below 5 years and the ICDP programme is part of this initiative.

Stories and Photos Submitted:

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