Plans for Ocotal and Managua

An update by Nicoletta Armstrong

I started the ICDP training in Ocotal, Nicaragua in November 2016 and at that time I signed on behalf of ICDP an agreement for cooperation with the “Instituto De Promocion Humana” (INPRHU), a non-governmental agency working in the area of social development in Ocotal.

Since then, the work of ICDP has been steadily progressing at INPRHU. After my initial training visit, I have limited my involvement to just planning and supervising the ICDP training of the local team, which was taken over in 2017 by my Swedish colleague Monica Andersson (on photo above). She completed the training and there is currently a team of ICDP facilitators in Ocotal.

Monica has worked with the ICDP programme for a number of years in context of foster parenting in her native Sweden. In addition, Monica lived and worked in Nicaragua for several years during the 90-ies, coordinating a Swedish NGO focused on helping street working girls in vulnerable situations. Her organizational and field experiences from those years, as well as contacts have proven to be an excellent foundation for the development of ICDP in Nicaragua. 

Monica’s plans for 2018 include an ICDP visit to Ocotal in April, when she will be volunteering her work, although she managed to raise funds to cover expenses. The aim of the visit is to hold an ICDP workshop at INPRHU on the 12 and 13th of April, in order to consolidate the existing team of facilitators.

The ICDP foundation is in process of signing an agreement with a primary school in Managua (on photo below). Their school teachers have asked for ICDP training, in the hope of resolving some of the relational problems they are currently facing with the students. Monica will conduct the first ICDP workshop for the teachers on 7th and 8th of April and the second workshop will take place on 21st and 22nd of April 2018.