Overview of ICDP in Thailand

In July 2023, ICDP foundation signed a partnership agreement with the Nexus organization in Thailand. Through the application of the ICDP programme in the country, Nexus “aims to offer much needed resources to parents and caregivers at all levels of society, as well as among minority and marginalized ethnic groups living in Thailand.” ICDP it is hoped will help alleviate some of the hardships met by families. In Thailand, domestic violence is on the rise. One survey showed that 75 percent of women in Thailand have experienced domestic violence more than once (Thai PBS, 2023). Many children are placed in children’s homes, even though they have living parents. This is because parents, for various reasons, are unable to care for their own children – this could be due to poverty, alcohol addictions, lack of resources, mental health issues, or when parents remarry children become unwanted by the new spouse.

In February, 2023, the first group of 13 facilitators (on photo above) received their ICDP certificates. Most of the facilitators continued to run ICDP courses for parents during the year. At the same tine a second group of facilitators embarked on their training which will be completed by the end of the year.

An ICDP committee was established, and efforts were made to start network with other local organizations. Throughout the year, a great deal of work was also carried out on preparing local ICDP materials.