News from Tashkent

The ICDP training in Tashkent has been gradually expanding in 2023.

ICDP trainer, Magdalena Brannstrom sent this report. From the report:

Some of the feedback from the attending parents:

“Before I participated in the course, I had some difficulties with my sons. During the course I started to understand my sons better and I have also learned how to show in different ways my sons that I love them.”

“After attending one of the meetings and learning the guidelines I saw my neighbour’s child teasing and harassing my daughter. And instead of shouting at the child, which is what I would have done before, I started talking in a nice voice: “Stop. look at my daughter. Can you see that she really does not like it? So, it is important that you stop.”  She stopped, but then she started crying. I hugged her and asked her why she was crying. She told me that she missed her mother very much, who is working in Russia. I comforted her.”

“My husband and I are now raising our son together. We discuss how we should do things and so we are learning together how to raise our son”

“I have become calmer and more confident about what I am doing.”

“My child has become less aggressive.”

“I now avoid responding too quickly to conflicting or stressful situations, I often wait to consult with my husband first, so that we can agree on what to do in this or that situation.“    

 “I observe more and I stopped punishing my child.”

“I began finding a common language with my son. I now know how to find a way out of the situation and as a result I started to react more calmly.”

“I became more patient, and began to practice the principles that we talked about at meetings.”

“I have more constructive dialogues with my children, so the atmosphere in the house has become increasingly calmer. “