ICDP with young people in Tanzania

In the Kibosho area of the Kalimanjaro region a group of young people is being trained in ICDP.

The KIWAKKUKI organization has been working with orphaned children and families affected by HIV/AIDs in the Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania for a long time and some of its staff have gained extensive experience in using the ICDP method in local communities.

The latest initiative by KIWAKKUKI has been to train in the ICDP programme a group of ten young people who had recently come out of school. They were previously trained as peer educators and have since gained experience in assisting school teachers.

The aim of the ICDP training is to enable this group of peer educators to conduct ICDP sensitization meetings with the parents and caregivers of the children KIWAKKUKI is supporting. The plan is to reach 80 parents /caregivers. The ICDP workshop they attended took place in July 2017 over a period of five days and there will be regular follow ups in future.

Photo: ten young people/peer educators attending ICDP training