ICDP project in South Korea

Valentina Ten, ICDP trainer from Tashkent, has shared her news from South Korea:

“I have good news to share.  After moving to Korea from Uzbekistan, in 2023, I have been looking for an opportunity to continue sharing the ICDP principles and working in the education field. Of course, being an immigrant, there were certain difficulties. But I believe a good thing always finds a way to be shared. 

In partnership with the local office (it is a kind of Social Welfare Community Centre) in the area where I live, we launched an ICDP group as part of the project for immigrants.

Since the war in Ukraine, the number of Russian-speaking migrants in Korea has been growing. In view of this, the local authorities are helping them adjust and were open to me applying the ICDP programme. We can use the centre’s premises and the local office covers all administrative expenses, including coffee breaks. 

It is a small project serving 15 people, but it is a good start, I believe.