ICDP in the care of older people in Norway

Update by Line Constance Holmsen, November 2022.

The implementation of ICDP in the care for older persons in Nursing Homes in Norway has been steadily progressing, despite a long period of having to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since 2018, ICDP and the VID Specialized University have been cooperating with the nursing home called “Grefsenhjemmet” situated in Oslo.

The cooperation started with the training and certification of employees who could then facilitate the ICDP courses to their colleagues. So far, more than 70 of their nursing staff have been participating in ICDP courses, including the night nursing staff. 

One of the leaders at Grefsenhjemmet, Ingrid Blokhus, describes the ICDP work in this way:

“ ICDP is a practical course that focuses on relational competence and person-centred care. Our international nursing staff has many unique relational competencies that are valued, and accessed, through the ICDP process. Through active learning and by putting words to practice, these unique competencies are better connected to the Norwegian language, enriching and enhancing the quzlity of the care our residents receive and experience. “  

Photo is showing a group of nursing staff at Grefsenhjemmet in Oslo, including Emilan Barbu, the group facilitator, and Line Constance Holmsen, the representative for ICDP Norway and VID Specialized University.