ICDP developments in Karonga

Paul Mmanjamwada, the representative for ICDP in Malawi sent us an update.

The Norwegian Church Aid in Malawi has recently provided funds to the Evangelical Association of Malawi to implement ICDP in the Karonga district, one of the boarder districts close to Tanzania.

The organization has already trained an initial group of 30 caregivers from different community based child care centres on the basic concepts and principles of the ICDP programme. We intend to select from this group a core team of 10 caregivers whom we intend to train as ICDP facilitators. It is also interesting to see how disability has been well integrated within the project.

ICDP network meeting
We are also planning for an ICDP network meeting that will mobilize all ICDP players in the country. It will take place in December 2017.

Translation of the ICDP facilitators’ manual
We have now finalized the translation of the ICDP training manual into the vernacular Chichewa and this will ease the process of ICDP training in future.