ICDP Brazil innovative project

In 2022, ACARI assisted around 290 families in situations of social vulnerability in the city of Juazeiro in Bahia and in Petrolina, Pernambuco, by implementing the Bem Me Quer project (2021-2026).

The objective of the project is for families to experience a positive interaction and relationship with children and adolescents.

For this, ICDP workshops were held with the families and positive interaction kits were delivered to encourage the participation of families in the meetings. Families were invited to participate in the meetings through WhatsApp groups and many exchanges of ideas and experiences were also carried out in this virtual space.

The kits were the great novelty of the year, they were prepared and delivered so that the family could use them at home, to practice the 8 ICDP guidelines for good interaction with their children. A total of 6 kits were delivered.

Kit 1 was called “Sowing love”, it contained coriander seeds, gardening tools and a container for planting.

Kit 2 was called “Assessing self-esteem” and its objective was to provide care for the caregiver, sharing positive experiences with the caregivers of children and adolescents. With this kit, the families made a “mini” beauty salon at home and had a lot of fun.

Kit 3 “Celebrating São João” was designed so that families could cook together and celebrate the typical festival with their family, generating good memories, joy and unity.

Kit 4 was called “Pasta day”, it included tomato sauce, pasta, sardines and soft drinks, through the cooking activities it was possible to reinforce the affective dialogue with the families served.

Kit 5, “Time to play” was designed so that families could create the habit of playing with their children and also teach and reflect on the ICDP guidelines for mediation and regulation dialogues.

Kit 6, “Family reading”, was also designed to reinforce the 3 ICDP dialogues, which contained a children’s book, a packet of popcorn and a soft drink.

All this work was only possible thanks to the support of the Kindernothilfe organization, to which we are very grateful.

Families have learned a lot during this time, but the path of reflection and transformation is a long one.

Comments from ICDP participants:

“Now I am paying more attention to my children, I am taking better care. I am aware what is required to raise a child in the best way, without hitting and assaulting them. Thank you!”

“After this project I understood that to raise my boy, you don’t have to use force, spanking. it’s about talking, giving love and affection. I am calmer and now I talk more, no hitting. Thank you so much”