ICDP at the UCN university in Denmark

University College Northern Jutland (UCN) –  Annual ICDP report for year 2022

Report based on information from Heidi Trude Holm

In Northern Jutland, during the year, we rediscovered our preferred way of teaching in ICDP – namely physical classroom teaching. Fortunately, Covid 19 barely affected 2022 in terms of our teaching activities.

In 2021, we worked continuously on rewriting and improving our “ICDP tools”.

We have reformulated/rewritten these and have had them printed for use in ICDP- teaching starting from January 2022. Our teachers and trainers use the materials in all ICDP classes.

New posters have also been made for our work in different areas: ICDP daycare, ICDP school and youth, ICDP for adults and people with disabilities, and ICDP in elderly care.

The primary students in our ICDP teaching activities in 2022 has been daycare staff working with children aged 0-6 yrs.

In addition to this, during the year, ICDP has been included in training sessions on parental guidance, and on implementation in institutions and municipalities.

Implementation of ICDP without clear leadership and municipal support, we found to be difficult. Therefore our aim is to help and teach our partners in institutions and municipalities by focusing on knowledge and structures that increase the possibilities for transfer and implementation – based on Hundeide’s framework for implementation in combination with the newest research in organizational development.

We have two annual meetings with the ICDP trainers who are affiliated to UCN.

In 2022, we held both an online and a workshop in person for our ICDP trainers. The days always consist of a mix of experience sharing on ICDP and professional presentations.

In the spring of 2022 at our Trainers’ Day (held online), we discussed the “evidence concept” and “effect studies” in relation to existing ICDP research.

In the autumn of 2022 at our second Trainers’ Day, we had a full day together where we discussed ICDP in relation to low arousal and recognition. We ended the day by discussing the topic of “how to” best carry out the implementation of ICDP.

In 2023, the teachers’ team will be working on designing a new course for school employees.

Episode 26 – ICDP

Podcast: POP is a podcast series developed by act2learn Pedagogy and learning at the University of Applied Sciences UCN. Through its episodes POP shares knowledge and experience gained in daycare, school and education. Heidi Trude Holm and Anne Hejgaard presented ICDP in e podcast Episode 26.