The mission of the Child Development Training and Research Center (CDTRC) is to transform and equip the hearts and minds of people working for and with children and to ensure that the nurture, development and role of children become important concerns of the Ethiopian society.

The Child Development Training and Research Center (CDTRC) is a non-profit organization located in Sendafa/Beke town, Oromia regional State, Ethiopia. Sendafa/Beke town is located 39 kms to the north east of Addis Ababa.

CDTRC has recently organized ICDP training  for 27 people, including their own staff,  as well as staff from other organizations workimg in child protection. 
The first training took place from 7-10th of June and the second training was from 26-28th of June 2017. Even though many of the participants have been working in other programmes run by CDTRC, all felt that the ICDP programme was unique and relevant to the community they are working with. Most participants expressed that ICDP helped them to reflect on their relationship with their own children and many shared stories illustrating how ICDP had improved their communication with children. This group of trainee facilitators will be engaging in self training projects, in which they will be applying ICDP for the first time with groups of caregivers over the coming months. They will meet their ICDP trainer Atnaf Kebreab in November for the last ICDP workshop and certification.

The vision of the CDTRC is to see the creation of a new generation of Ethiopians who can help develop a healthier and more peaceful Ethiopia, where justice and equality of individuals and the different nations and nationalities of the country is guaranteed.
The CDTRC training centre is developing and delivering culturally contextualized training and intervention programmes to enhance culture and value change among the youth. They are fostering the culture of creativity and excellence in day-to-day life, and promoting education for developing high achievers. The training programmes also address specific sociocultural challenges of the society including environmental care, development of strong work culture, child protection, disability inclusion, and ethnic tolerance.
CDTRC runs a diploma programme on Holistic Child Development for grassroots practitioners. The curriculum combines child development concepts and principles with analyzing and addressing root causes of the society’s economic and sociocultural issues such as poverty, environmental protection, work ethics, and ethnic tolerance.
CDTRC has been engaged in training both adolescents and those who directly influence them in various areas. For instance, during last year more than 544 children attended summer camp programmes that focused on developing their creativity and life skills. In addition, more than 100 school teachers  attended workshops on how to improve their communication skills with their students to better assist them in their education. More than 1,000 parents were encouraged to practice skills for positive parenting and more than 500 socials workers were trained on how to build a positive relationship with children who come from economically vulnerable families.