ICDP activities in Bangladesh

Report by Sajeda Boby, ICDP Bangladesh trainer

It has been a joy to run ICDP training in Bangladesh through the Healthy Childhood Development Programme (HCDP), a project of Normisjon Bangladesh. The testimonies of caregivers and facilitators motivate us to work.

Facilitator level training

In 2022, we were able to train 44 new facilitators. Because of COVID-19 we could not start our training in Dhaka on time. However, we were able to complete the training of 4 batches of facilitators in two locations, namely in Dhaka and Dinajpur. In addition, two candidates completed their training and became ICDP trainers. 

Gatherings for facilitators

Another important activity was to organize meetings in different locations: there were 3 regional and 2 annual facilitator gatherings. In these gatherings we gave out updated materials to the facilitators and encouraged them to run caregiver groups. As a result, facilitators became motivated to run new caregiver groups.

Caregiver level training

In total 45 caregiver groups operated in 2022.

Additional four caregiver groups were started in 2022 and will continue in 2023. In addition to the previously trained facilitators, the new facilitators also ran caregiver groups. In total 293 caregivers received ICDP training and 799 children were touched by this training. 

We work with different partner organizations who offer services to low-income families. We frequently meet with the leaders of our partner organizations and we discuss together about the progress of the ICDP training. They give us their valuable suggestions. Currently we have seven partners. All the partner organizations have certified facilitators who run caregiver groups among their beneficiaries. 

New materials

We produced many new photos related to ICDP content and we made short video clips illustrating the eight ICDP guidelines for good interaction. These photos and videos will be used in the communities where people are illiterate. We also made a video in the Bengali language. The video was made to reflect Bengali cultural context and our local Bengali family was cast on the video.

Nasima’s story

Nasima (26) lives and is employed as a seamstress at a women’s centre in Dhaka, Basha. She was rescued from human trafficking. She has two children; a schoolgirl and a baby boy.

Although the three were rescued from the streets, they were still trapped in a cycle of violence. But then Nasima joined an ICDP caregiver group.

Nasima used to beat her children. Beating children came naturally to Nasima. Because she herself grew up like this, like most children in Bangladesh. As an adult, she had lived through many experiences that made it difficult for her act in a positive way towards her children.

“In the past, my children were of no value to me, and I could not take good care of them, says Nasima. Everything changed after this course. I began to see I was wrong and realized that my children’s value. I started helping my daughter with her homework. Now when my daughter wants something, I can’t afford, I explain why I can’t give it to her, instead of hitting her, like I used to do.”