Four new trainers in Bacau

At Fundaţia Umanitara Pacea (FUP) an ICDP workshop took place on the 18th and 19th of January 2018.

Fundaţia Umanitara Pacea (Humanitarian Foundation for Peace) is a non-political, nongovernmental organization founded in 2000 by the Franciscan order in Bacau, Romania,. It was set up in order to assist poor and marginalized people and focuses especially on providing education opportunities for children and young people. 

ICDP, FUP and the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) established cooperation in 2015, to bring the ICDP programme to FUP staff. NCA has been providing administrative and financial support to the ICDP training process at FUP.

After the workshop in January 2018, FUP has gained four new ICDP trainers: Cornelia Disca, Michaela Moraru, Dana Smerea and Lucian Mihai Bobarnac. “All their tasks and requirements for ICDP certification were carried out in a satisfactory way.  We had a small celebration with champagne, cakes and speeches. Silvia Breabin, ICDP trainer from Moldova was also present and she made a good and professional contribution to the group. There are six trainers now and they hope to organize a gathering of all the ICDP facilitators in Romania to a brush up on ICDP and hold an inspirational day. ” – says Elsa Dohlie, their ICDP trainer.

Silvia Breabin was trained several years ago in ICDP by Nicoletta Armstrong and has since then been training in Moldova as well Ukraine, but she is currently living in Romania.  She is now in contact with Nicoletta seeking support to establish together with the Romanian trainers an ICDP Romanian association, acting as a vehicle for spreading ICDP training more widely and systematically in Romania.