First steps in Senegal and the Ivory Coast

Normisjon is the organization promoting the start of ICDP in Senegal. At the same time, in the Ivory Coast, the Norwegian Lutheran Mission (NLM) together with its local partner, the Mission Evangelique Lutherienne en Cote d’Ivoire (MELCI), has also been making efforts to start ICDP. The two organizations contacted the ICDP foundation and it was agreed to start the training of future ICDP facilitators from both countries. at a workshop in Senegal. The first training workshop in the ICDP progrmme took place in March 2023, and it was conducted by ICDP trainer, Aubin Sanou. Aubin has been implementing the programme in Burkina Faso for a few years now and he had previously been trained by Nicoletta Armstrong. Read his brief report.