Expansion through local governments in Nepal

During the past few years, Save the Children (SC) has been applying the ICDP programme through a parenting package developed for implementation at community level in Napel. In this package, ICDP was added to the Child Sensitive Social Protection (CSSP) project, which untill then had focused mainly on the child grant.

Currently, there are 5 national trainers in the SC organization and their task has been to train and form ICDP facilitators who operate under local governments. During 2022, a group of 99 new facilitators were formed who reached 478 caregivers, mostly mothers.

Key achievements in 2022:

Local governments in the project areas are allocating budgets to implement and collaborate on the parenting programme. Currently, the parenting package is being implemented by nine local governments in four districts. Four local governments out of nine, have allocated budgets already and others are in the process of doing so. This development is resulting from them realizing the importance of the programme.

Policy influence: Department of National ID and Civil Registration under the ministry of Home Affairs in Nepal, formed a committee to prepare draft guideline on the parenting programme operation in all of its 753 local governments. The committee submitted the final draft to the department after a process of consultation through a series of meetings, in which two members of staff from the CSSP project participated and were part of that committee. The guideline was eventually endorsed by the department.

ICDP facilitators conducted training in four districts. All the facilitators were selected from local governments based on the criteria set by the project. SC, considering a sustainable approach, engaged the local governments in the process so that future local governments can take over and run the parenting sessions.

Impact evaluation study of the child grant plus parenting programme: An impact study was carried out in 2021, which was disseminated among the governments and other development stakeholders. The finding showed positive impacts (Impact Evaluation of the Child Grant Parenting Programme in Nepal | Save the Children’s Resource Centre)

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