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Danish report

This year as well, our ICDP work has been influenced by COVID-19, but despite the difficulties in dealing with the pandemic, we have had a growing interest in relationship work over the last 2 years. The progress has been so significant that it has been necessary to involve new forces in our administration and management.

Working professionally with human interaction requires empathy and sensitivity, because only then can we be touched and moved by other people. All our activities are permeated by this perspective and are based, among other things, on the assumption that relational conditions are dynamic and changeable. With the help of the eight themes for good interaction, we can strengthen the good life for children and young people through the togetherness and upbringing of the new generation. We are proud to be able to contribute to this important task through our management of the heritage from Karsten Hundeide.
On behalf of the Danish Center for ICDP
Anne Linder and Jens Linder

Click here to read the full report about the activities in Denmark in 2021