Club Campestre foundation develops ICDP

In Antioquia, Abel Salazar introduced the ICDP programme through his newly formed foundation “Club Campestre”.

He explains:

– The implementation of the ICDP programme at the Club Campestre Foundation was an opportunity to realize synergy between ICDP Colombia and our foundation. We were seeking to have a greater impact on the beneficiary population, by strengthening the affective links and by improving the quality of family relationships in our foundation’s target populations. ICDP helped us to achieve this.

In 2019, the Club Campestre Foundation (FCC) applied the ICDP programme with parents and children: fifteen parents, users of the adult high school programme, and 50 parents of young people – recipients of the scholarship programme,  attended the ICDP course. We also carried out various pedagogical activities based on ICDP with thirty five children that attend the Rural Schools programme.

In addition, Marcela Gómez, a professional in family development, became ICDP facilitator and applied ICDP with 23 families that included a total of 92 persons.

Each of the activities that we carried out contributed to the development of life skills and peaceful coexistence, encouraged cordial and respectful treatment among family members, assisted in the management of emotions and generated greater sensitivity for relational needs of others. 

I express my thanks to the ICDP Colombia Foundation for its support, accompaniment and administration in this process, to its director, Carmen Lucia Andrade, for her commitment and constant support.  

We look forward to continuing the work for the human growth of the population groups that are part of our social management.