Year 2020 in Russia

The local team continued to train in the ICDP programme throughout 2020.

In the Nizhny Novgorod City and the Nizhny Novgorod region, the ICDP programme was introduced in schools and preschools, as well as to university students. 

ICDP training was given to ten groups, which included psychologists, teachers and specialists of non-profit organizations. In total 128 participants attended the workshops.

Read a short report from Oksana Isaeva.


Completion of training in Moshi

On photo above: the 14 newly certified ICDP facilitators after receiving their certificates. 

Fourteen ICDP facilitators from Manyara region completed ICDP training in the autumn of 2020 by attending the final training from 17th to 19th of September. Their trainers were Verynice Frederick and Egla Matechi.

All fourteen facilitators held eight ICDP meetings with their respective groups of parents/caregivers and they all attended the final training workshop. At the workshop, they shared about their different experiences of working with parents, including any encountered difficulties. Some common challenges were identified, such as low participation of men and the participant parents’ difficulties in reaching the place of the meetings due to long distances.

Among other activities at the workshop, the sensitization principles were revised through role play. Some facilitators acted in role plays as parents and others as facilitators; it was an effective way of reviewing facilitators’ practical work.

The facilitators reported that they had observed positive changes in the parents’ relationship with their children and they showed a lot of interest and commitment to take ICDP to more parents/caregivers in their respective communities and at their working place. 

Two new parent groups have already started to receive ICDP.


News from Bangladesh

There have been some important developments by ICDP in Bangladesh.

The year 2020 was a challenging year for ICDP in Bangladesh, as it was in many countries all over the world.

Read more in their report.


First implementation of ICDP in Tashkent

Two facilitators are now starting to implement the ICDP programme for the first time in Uzbekistan.

ICDP has established an agreement for training and cooperation with the Happy Start preschool in Tashkent. 

Happy Start is a learning centre for 2 to10 years old children and they offer pre-school education and after school activities. This is the link to their website: 

Since the summer of 2020, as part of the new developments at Happy Start, Shincon Uzbekistan is funding the introduction and implementation of the ICDP programme.

Magdalena Brännström and Valentina Ten have been receiving training online, through webinars with Nicoletta Armstrong and on the 14th of October 2020, they have started their ICDP practical task. The task consists of implementing the ICDP programme with the caregivers that are working at Happy Start. They will be holding weekly meetings together over several months in order to complete the full ICDP programme.

We wish you all the success!


Zoom event in Finland

The chair of the ICDP Finland Association describes the recent meeting.

“Our association hosted a zoom event for ICDP facilitators in Finland, on Tuesday, the 24th of November. There are one hundred and forty-four facilitators in Finland, and twenty-nine facilitators from many corners of the country participated eagerly (plus a few cats and a dog) at the zoom event, sharing their ICDP experiences and inspiring each other.

We spoke of ways to practice sensitivity, playfulness and empathy with children, caregivers, differently abled people, colleagues and others, both when physically present and in remote setting.

Even though we would rather have met each other in real life, the ICDP magic was still tangible in this virtual meeting space”. – Pamela Antila.