Aubin Sanou on ICDP in Burkina Faso

The ICDP Parenting Skills Programme in Burkina Faso

The social protection of children in families and in their communities provides a reliable basis for the survival and healthy growth of all children and for their learning. It should be remembered that the main factors and conditions for success in education and good health for children depend on the treatment and education practices of parents, caregivers and communities.

In order to improve the practices of caregivers, the NGO Save the Children in Burkina Faso has undertaken to roll out the ICDP parenting skills programme as part of the project “Combating child poverty and vulnerabilities in the regions of the Boucle du Mouhoun, Centre North, East and North, through Child-Sensitive Social Protection”.  Through these four regions, the project intervened in 11 municipalities: 4 in the Boucle du Mouhoun region, 3 in the Centre North, 2 in the East and 2 in the North. 

The programme was able to proceed despite the precarious security situation in these areas. Some displaced parents were able to benefit from the programme at their host site and they actively participated. 

From 2021 to the present day, a total of 323 groups have been sensitized on the ICDP parenting skills programme in the 11 municipalities, reaching 4141 people, of which 2508 were women.  The changes are perceptible and very remarkable; we can mention the rapprochement of parents with each other first, then parents with children, also the improvement of children’s academic results.  Joy and happiness developed within beneficiary households.  In some communes today, husband and wife can sit and talk together, whereas in the past this was not possible.

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