Activities of the Danish Centre for ICDP

The Danish Centre for ICDP has produced their annual report which shows continued growth and application of the ICDP programme in different settings. A total of 697 new professionals were trained, mostly at level one and two. Read their full report here.

Extracts from the report:

The year 2023 has generally been stable, with us consolidating the new management structure and working to future-proof ICDP’s importance in the educational landscape in Denmark. In relation to our development plans for 2023, we have reached the goal: We have certified the first Danish school in ICDP; published a booklet on ICDP and the Children’s Convention, as well as published a book on ICDP and Management.

Certification of organizations: We have fully developed a certification of organizations. The certification consists of a free online test – an assessment by our certification committee – a consultant visit and an agreement on an implementation and action plan. It has been important to us that the certification process was thorough, but also easy to access and was experienced as meaningful in the organization. The feedback we have received is that the test strengthens our own reflection and the visit from the certification consultant ensures that the management sees blind spots in the organization that stand in the way of a successful implementation of ICDP. Moelleholmskolen by Per Hovmand is the first certificated School in Denmark. The photo above shows Per Hovmand at the Nordic ICDP conference in Oslo, September 2023- where he talked about the school’s work with ICDP. By his side is Anne and Jens Linder, sister and brother, Leaders of the Danish Center for ICDP.

Challenges in the past year
As can be read from the report, we have many successful development projects in the Danish Center for ICDP. We try to use our extensive know-how and expertise to develop the ICDP implementation. Although we have used many resources, we have not yet succeeded in creating a successful use of the online parenting platform. We are still working towards finding ways and means to draw attention to our offer to Danish parents. On our platform, we offer guidance, information, and courses for parents. During 2024, we will consider various measures – perhaps a fund application.
The municipalities – which are our biggest partners – are currently squeezed in the financial field, which of course also has a knock-on effect on how many ICDP products they can buy within their limited budgets, but we are hopeful and expect 2024 to be another year where ICDP creates new good development and
learning environments for Denmark’s children.