ICDP signed an agreement for training and cooperation with the “Instituto De Promocion Humana” (INPRHU), a non-governmental agency working in the area of social development.

”Our organization is inspired by Christian values and we are ecumenical and nondenominational. We facilitate and implement programmes in order to promote equal opportunities and citizen participation that enables individuals, organizations and Nicaraguan society to exercise all fundamental human rights. We are actively promoting alternative projects of social, economic, productive and environmental nature. We look forward to the ICDP training and hope that our educators will be able to replicate the ICDP programme to many families in our community.” – Aura Estela Mendoza, coordinator at INPRHU.

INPRHU is the oldest non-governmental organization in Nicaragua. Founded in 1962, INPRHU began its activities in Managua and, since 1990, has expanded its geographical coverage to the departments of Nueva Segovia, Estelí, Madriz and Bluefield. It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization working for human rights and the welfare of children, adolescents, families and communities. Their goals are the socio-economic research, projects for the promotion of social change, providing technical assistance, linking the private and public sector, contributing to the development of a new critical social culture, supporting rehabilitation and socio-economic transformation.

Areas of Focus:

Promoting human development through the formulation and management of projects and resources.
The development and implementation of communication strategies aimed at the defence and human rights.
Promoting socio-economic development through technical support, implementation of new technologies, education for behavioural change and facilitation of rural microcredit.
Strengthening local capacity through training and technical support processes.
Articulating efforts with stakeholders and advocating for the development and construction of citizenship through educational processes.

ICDP training

Nicoletta Armstrong conducted the first training workshop in Ocotal in November 2016, accompanied by Monica Andersson. A group of 30 people attended, including INPRHU educators, community leaders, teachers, as well as a few young volunteers. The workshop was very well received and the group continued their training in 2017. Aura Estela Mendoza organized the ICDP workshop and introduced ICDP to MINED, the Ministry of Education. The future vision is to spread ICDP through the education network – there are 18 schools and 27 preschools with the potential of receiving the ICDP training in the future.

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