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ICDP activities in Russia started in Arhangelsk, in April 1997, in cooperation with Save the Children Sweden, as a two year competence building programme for staff in children homes.

During 2001 a new project was initiated in the municipality of Novodvinsk, located north of Archangelsk city, based on previous collaboration in the field of early intervention. A team from the Early Intervention Institute (EII) in St. Petersburg became involved and they also translated and published the ICDP materials in Russian.

It was further developed in 2002 and 2003 as a community based rehabilitation project with the following partners: the Novodvinsk municipality, the social authorities of Archangelsk County, the Pomor University, the North West Russia Medical University, the Deacony Foundation of Northern Norway, and the Institute of Special Needs Education, University of Oslo. It is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministries and the Norwegian Government.
The project board adopted the ICDP philosophy and approach to early intervention and its ways of working with special needs children and their families, as the professional basis on which to develop their own work in kindergartens, schools and with parents. The main objective is to introduce a community based way of working with children with special needs; children to live at home instead of living in institutions, and to be integrated in ordinary kindergartens and schools. This is a decentralized approach compared to the centralized and institutionalized treatment in the past.
Links were established with the university in St Petersburg. Professionals received ICDP training and have been implementing the ICDP programme with families and children for many year. ICDP had an ongoing presence till 2009.

During 2012 ICDP has established cooperation with Dr Oksana Isaeva, psychologist and director of the Nizhniy Novgorod Resource Centre, “Childhood without violence and cruelty”.  A small team of professionals from the Resource Centre, started to receive training in ICDP. In March and August they attended two facilitator level training workshops, both held at Loudwater, near Rickmansworth, England. The team has carried out two small scale projects as part of their hands-on experience with ICDP.
Their plan is to implement the ICDP programme in the Nizhniy Novgorod region through a collaborative project developed with the Ministry of Social Affairs.  The project would train social workers and the project beneficiaries will be parents, with special focus on parents who have adopted or plan to adopt young children.

In February 2013, a regional conference took place in Nizhniy Novgorod, where Oksana presented ICDP work to a group of education specialists from the Regional Ministry of Education. As a result, the specialists, as well as the conference committee became interested in the ICDP Program and have asked permission to include some materials on ICDP as part of the conference materials. The conference theme was “Modern problems of Family Education”. 


The article “ICDP programme for prevention of child abuse and neglect”  was published  in the “Nachalo vseh nachal” journal of the University of pedagogical culture, sponsored by the Ministry of Educational of Nizhniy Novgorod region.

In the spring and autumn, Oksana Isaeva participated in two ICDP training workshops in Antratsit, Ukraine. They were Facilitator level workshops led by Nicoletta Armstrong, with Oksana as assistant trainer.

ICDP and the Early Intervention Institute (EII) –

In April, Elena Kozhevnikova from the Early Intervention Institute (EII) in St. Petersburg re-established contact with ICDP after several years of silence. She invited ICDP to participate and apply together for funds for an exchange programme sponsored by the Council of Nordic Ministries. As a result, a delegation of 11 Russian colleagues linked to the EII visited Oslo in November, to receive information about ICDP. On this occasion, they made plans with Nicoletta Armstrong for an ICDP training workshop to take place at the EII centre in St. Petersburg, in the spring of 2014. The workshop actually took place in November and it was held by Hilde Tornes – it was very well received. Read comments from some of those who participated.The EII main field of expertise is to work with early intervention programmes for children with disabilities; early relationships and communication are at base of their programmes. The institute is making efforts to stop the institutionalization of young children and is disseminating information about damaging effects of institutionalization known – see their video ‘Early relationships and child development’ )

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