Evaluation report, 2021-2022

2022 update

2020 update

In 2017 a new ICDP initiative started in Hargeisa, Somaliland. 

The first ICDP training workshop took place during the first week of July, 2017, and the second in August 2017. Participants included staff from Save the Children and their partners (HAVYOCO) and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. All became actively involved and contributed ideas about how ICDP could fit in their own culture and context.  At the end of the training the participants commented that ICDP is relevant for their work and that they are eager to run ICDP groups for parents in the community.

The ICDP programme became a key part of the ‘Child Sensitivity” package to be implemented in the Child Sensitive Social Protection Project (CSSP).  

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