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In 2010, Klara Shauman Alhberg was working as a psychologist at the Anchor House Family Centre in Pargas, near Åbo, situated on the archipelago in the south east of Finland, when she discovered and read about ICDP. 

She became determined to bring  ICDP to Finland. The training of a first group of her colleagues including, psychologists, teachers, pedagogues and family workers was carried out in cooperation with ICDP Sweden, whereas the subsequent developments in Kotka were initiated in cooperation with ICDP international.

The newly trained local team started to use ICDP at the Anchor House family centre as a framework for guiding cooperation in multi-professional work. The ICDP programme was soon also applied for working with families and professionals who work with children.
“Deeply rooted in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, ICDP helps to clarify and challenge our different views on children and childhood. We think ICDP provides a great tool to enhance our interaction and communication with children.” – Klara Shauman Alhberg.

In 2011, there were new developments in another part of the country; a three year ICDP project started to develop in Kotka, in the west of Finland. A team of twenty four professionals  was selected to receive training and they came from three organizations: the Association of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters, A-Clinic Foundation and the Finnish Blue Ribbon.  

During 2012, the newly trained team started to apply the ICDP program in Kotka and its surroundings. This work is part of a joint initiative by the above mentioned three organzations that aims to develop a child centred rehabilitation model for working with parents with problems related to substance abuse.  The new model will be used to strengthen the work of the local health and social care networks. The project is coordinated by the Association of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters and it is funded by Finland´s Slot Machine Association. By implementing ICDP, the project aims “to develop the caregivers’ ability to face  children with respect and also to expand their  ability to respond with sensitivity,  to hear and receive the child’s thoughts, feelings and intentions.” 


ICDP has been growing steadily and as a result, it was decided to register ICDP Finland as an association. This was accomplished in January 2012, with 22 members.