The ICDP programme was introduced to Tashkent in the autumn of 2020.

Update November 2023

Update February 2023

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Update 2021

2021: Report from first implementation of ICDP.

ICDP established an agreement for training and cooperation with the Happy Start preschool in Tashkent. 

Happy Start is a learning centre for 2 to 7 years-old children and they offer pre-school education and after school activities. This is the link to their website: 

Since the summer of 2020, as part of the new developments at Happy Start, Shincon Uzbekistan is funding the introduction and implementation of the ICDP programme. 

Two facilitators started to implement the ICDP programme for the first time in Uzbekistan in mid October 2020. Magdalena Brännström and Valentina Ten had been receiving training online, through webinars with Nicoletta Armstrong for several months before they started their ICDP practical task. The task consisted of implementing the ICDP programme with the teachers that are working at Happy Start. They held weekly meetings with the teachers over several months in order to complete the full ICDP programme.