2014 is the year when the ICDP developments started in Nepal and the ICDP activities have been steadily expanding since then; ICDP is still active in Nepal.

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Early developments:

International Child Development Programme (ICDP), Early Childhood Education Centre (ECEC) and HimalPartner (HP) have established cooperation and have started working on piloting ICDP in Nepal. The project aims to increase the psycho-social wellbeing of children in Nepal through improved parent – child communication.

In recent years Nepal has gone through a civil war (1996-2006) in which 15 000 adults and 475 children lost their lives, leaving many widows, orphans and broken families. In Nepal out of every 100 children, 86 live in villages, 48 are malnourished, 40 belong to extremely poor famililies, 80 are admitted to school but only 51 complete primary levels, 41% of the population are children below 16 years. (

In Nepal there is generally a low level of understanding about the psychosocial needs of children due to lack of education and awareness. This has led to alcohol and drug abuse, rise in crime,school drop outs, human trafficking and mental health problems, includidng depression and suicide among the adolescents and even younger children. Encouraging parents to bring up their children in a warm and loving environment and making parents aware of the importance of their role for the healthy psychosocial development of their children, could in the long run reduce the above mentioned problems among young people. This in turn could ultimately have a positive influence on the country’s development.
The project will test the ICDP concept for Nepali context during 2014 and 2015. The pilot will serve as a baseline for the application for a follow up three year programme – the intention is to expand the ICDP training between 2015 and 2017. The second period is crucial for securing sustainability of the project, by creating a team of Nepali trainers capable of spreading the ICDP methodology to new groups of facilitators.
HimalPartner is a mission organization based in Norway with experience in Nepal since 1954 in the areas of health, education and industrial development sectors. ICDP is providing training for a local team, whereas the HimalPartner is working to secure external grants for the project through Digni and other funding bodies. ECEC is the local organization with the intention of becoming the leading organization for ICDP training in Nepal. ECEC has been working in the area of early childhood development and education in Nepal since 2001. Although Teacher Training is ECEC’s core business, parent education is also very much part of ECEC’s services. The approach is that only if all the people who are directly involved with the children (parents teachers, caretakers, school leaders and other stake holders) understand the basic needs of children, will a child be able to grow up in a well-balanced, holistic way.

After the ICDP training has been completed, ECEC intend to train new teams working in the area of parenthood/children’s education. One of these will be Education Horizon Nepal (EHN), also supported by HimalPartner, which hires technical support from ECEC. Their project is in Dhading and Parent Education is an important part of their work . ECEC is also planning to continue to work with Save the Children, Unicef , UMN and other organizations in order to spread ICDP to different areas of Nepal.

So far there have been three ICDP training workshops that took place at the ECEC premises. In February 2015, the first group of 16 facilitators celebrated receiving their ICDP diplomas – see photos on ICDP Nepal facebook page:




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