Jostein Haugen and Signe Stensland, on behalf of The Norwegian Development Partners (NODEPA) sought ways to initiate ICDP in Tunisia, and received guidance about it from ICDP in 2022.

They discussed their ICDP vision with Sana Guebsi, the president of “Bright Women Association of Today” (BWAT) who after several meetings and discussion, became acquainted with the ICDP concepts and saw the need to introduce ICDP knowledge and to work on its practical implementation in Tunisia. It was agreed to embark on close cooperation between NODEPA and BWAT to establish ICDP in Tunisia. The first step was to appoint a project manager and select a steering professional group.

This was followed by organizing an ICDP introductory workshop, which took place in February 2023. It was an opportunity to present the aims and content of the ICDP programme and at the same time to get to know a group of possible future facilitators. Trainee facilitators were selected from diverse backgrounds like kindergartens, schools, centers for autism, orphanages, and associations working directly with families. Two ICDP trainers conducted the workshop, Sissel Ånestad and Hilde Tørnes from Norway. ICDP was welcomed and the process of training is currently underway.

(Photo by UNICEF)